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Who are we?

The Protex project is led by a Silicon Valley based team with extensive knowledge and experience in software development, blockchain architecture, and design. Surrounded by the constantly adapting and competitive environment of the Silicon Valley, the passion of our team lies within the opportunity to change the world with cutting-edge technology like blockchain. Our upbringing in the technology epicenter has provided us unique opportunities to work for tech giants, connect with industry experts, and also develop our own successful businesses. Our team has an abundance of resources and skill-sets that are supported by drive and hyper-vision. With a combined background of 12+ years in the blockchain space, we have directed our mission towards the creation of a decentralized exchange of data.

Executive Team
Jason Spielman
Chief Creative Officer
Jason is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in user interface design, user experience and impactful video production.  With experience as a UX Designer at Google, he is constantly striving to create inspiring and engaging content. Jason holds a B.A. in Design | Media Arts from UCLA, where he co-founded College Weekly and was the Creative and Marketing Strategist at Pingtank. He was also the Chief of Design at LA Hacks, the biggest hackathon in the nation. Combining his love for blockchain tech and design, Jason handles all creative responsibilities with the Protex project. 
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Steve McLean
Chief Operating Officer
Steve has directed his business-oriented mind and fanaticism with technology towards the creation of the Protex platform. Steve graduated from Baylor University with a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems where he served as the captain of the baseball team. Steve's experience leading a team ranges from the classroom with software development projects to the baseball diamond in a highly competitive Division I atmosphere. Following university studies, Steve began his career in Business Development at Jobvite, a SaaS company located in the Silicon Valley, but has since ventured away to pursue the success of Protex and his passion for blockchain technology.
Eric Heintzen
Administrative Director

A creative and driven individual with experience in numerous facets of the tech industry. Eric has experience working on hardware and software engineering teams at prominent companies including GoPro. He also has worked at companies like Bodin & Associates as a marketing team lead. Eric brings over 4 years of experience in the blockchain space, and a unique array of skills to take advantage of. He leverages his creative and technical skills to think outside the box and push the innovation of Protex forwards. 
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