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The Future of Exchanging Data Securely

Token Sale Completed!

What is Protex?

Data has become highly centralized, privatized and vulnerable.
The Protex Platform aims to provide privacy, security and anonymity to all. Protex decentralizes the ownership of user data like browsing history, location data and much more by giving users the rights to their own digital footprint. With easy-to-use applications, Protex users can not only control what gets shared, but finally get paid for the data they provide.
  • Secure exchange of data

  • Decentralized data storage

  • Get paid for your data

  • User-friendly app and chrome extension

  • Comprehensive purchasing portal

  • Designed for scalability

Your Data, Your Money

Let us do the work for you
    We’ll package your data securely

Live your life
    We’ll run in the background

Make money
    We send everything straight to you

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Protex your data

There have been over 9 billion data records breached since 2013.


Don’t be one of them.

Share your Data

With the app and chrome extension, you can share all, none, or a particular combination of the data fields that Protex supports. Protex gives you complete control over your data and what you wish to secure.
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Keep it Safe

With modern cryptography and efficient algorithms, Protex is designed to keep all your records secure on the blockchain. No one will know when data is given or taken, so everything you share is private and anonymous.  

Get Paid

Protex users can finally capitalize on the data they produce. Whenever data is purchased on the Protex exchange, contributors are paid instantly, directly and without any fees.

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Protex Data Pipeline

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